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Land of the Sun, Land Without Light

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January 17, 2022  |  1,142 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Land of the Sun, Land Without Light by David Michael Litwack. Book cover1967.  The Cold War drags on. A hot war becomes even hotter, trusting it to the patriotism of American youth. But Harrison Hamblin answers a different call. To honor his ideals, he joins the Peace Corps as a teacher. He’s the one who thinks that he knows a lot but will learn that he knows very little.

The third world is choosing sides and angling for aid. Countries will play both sides and manipulate the idealists.


About David Michael Litwack

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David Michael A.K.A Michael David Litwack, grew up on the Kansas/Missouri state-line. The tension deriving from his ambiguous naming and breeding location might explain the eclectic mix of folk, international, and country selections that he offers. He’s a wanna-be songwriter noted for, among others, Rock ‘n Roll Nation, El Wahid, and Leavin’ Sara Lee…or soon will be. In the meantime he writes...

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