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Legacy of the Destroyer

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by Alec R Zeelie  ZA South Africa

October 7, 2017   |    1,439 reads    |   0 comments

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Legacy of the Destroyer - Book coverA strike team that works for a secret military organisation try to stop a crazy scientist. The strike team fails. A assassin who works for the same organisation teams up with one of the scientist's experiments to try and stop him. Many years later, the world as we know it no longer exists thanks to the Destroyer and his crimson armies.

Among all the colonies of survivors left in the world, there is only one colony where one man is brave enough to rebel against the Destroyer. They call him Machine.

About The Author

Alec R Zeelie is an author and screenwriter who specializes in the darker genres, which he calls High Concept Horror. He combines everything from sci-fi, fantasy, suspense and horror together to create his own genre. He writes not only to entertain readers but also inspire them to write.

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