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Let Slip the Dogs of Love

Suburban Legends of the Living and the Dead
by Eugene Kachmarsky  CA Canada

October 30, 2009   |    1,489 reads    |   0 comments

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Let Slip the Dogs of Love by Eugene Kachmarsky. Suburban Legends of the Living and the Dead. Book coverAn anthology of short fiction that swings from the sublime to the ridiculous across some unique fusions of literary genres.

Some of the characters whose stories are told include: a controlled-substance addict; a heartless, ruthless, misanthropic yet patently cowardly municipal communications empire mogul; a biker with a missing testicle; a young, gay, black, radical civil disobedient with a bent for vengeance with flair; a professional hit man and biker-gang rat with a tragic sense of timing; a grown-up spoiled brat who thinks managing a network of government assassins makes him one; an eight-year-old boy who dies at an airport and ends up correcting a grievous injustice committed over 250 years ago; a despondent writer who writes his own epitaph moments before being murdered; a skateboarding boy whose leg is broken by bullies and the 10 year-old girl with a miraculous healing touch who befriends him; a professional hockey player from Eastern Europe facing extorting murderers and fighting back with his computer-hacking genius.

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