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Love Beyond Boundaries

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May 5, 2012  |  1,112 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Love Beyond BoundariesLove beyond boundaries is a tale of Raj Patel, a former Formula One driver who embarks on a journey to Sao Paulo, Brazil to attend an art exhibition. He buys a painting which is filled with reiki energy, but little does Raj know that a pleasure trip to the Amazon would alter the course of his life.

While returning from the Amazon, Raj’s helicopter encounters a black hole. He finds himself in a parallel universe, a planet called Zorb, where there are talking trees and midgets. There he meets the love of his life; Ramilia. Raj helps Ramilia save her planet which is under the spell of the evil Snow Queen. In his quest to save Lambada, his own planet Earth suffers. Together Raj and Ramilia have to conquer their own fears and race against time to save both the planets from Snow Queen’s wrath.

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Parikshit Rane is an M.B.A. (Marketing) from Mumbai, India. He has dedicated his entire life to writing. A poet with 200 poems to his name, a Fantasy fiction Author of 2 books, currently working on his 4th book promises to keep the readers captivated by his work with fresh ideas and unique stories. More than being a writer, he is a story teller and a poet. He can be contacted at...

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