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Love Bond in Wonderland

by Willingham Odekualem Oba  US United States

February 23, 2014   |    2,760 reads    |   4 comments

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Book image did not loadLOVE BOND IN WONDERLAND is a captivating love story involving two charming lovers; Carl Dave and Hillary Gate who found love on first sight during a college graduation party.
They chose to define their own kind of love as they opted to make a blood covenant that would bind and guide them in a love principle they named “Love Bond”.
Could this be the beginning of a journey into everlasting love? Or could this be the beginning of a destructive, catastrophic series of events that would leave a sour taste in the memory of those who are lucky enough to survive it?

About The Author

Willingham Odekualem Oba is prolific writer; he has a niche for writing. As an Engineer, he combines his intuitive skills with creativity in writing stories, fictions and poems. He believes strongly that literature makes the world go round. He picked the interest of writing from childhood when he wrote poems that were used by many pre-schools.


It's a very interesting book. It's a story that must be read by everyone! Thanks to the Author for putting up such a great story.

This story caught my nerve when I went through it. I feel like reading it more and more. It portrays practical love and suspense thriller.

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