Love Bond in Wonderland

by Willingham Odek... US United States
February 23, 2014

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Book image did not loadLOVE BOND IN WONDERLAND is a captivating love story involving two charming lovers; Carl Dave and Hillary Gate who found love on first sight during a college graduation party.
They chose to define their own kind of love as they opted to make a blood covenant that would bind and guide them in a love principle they named “Love Bond”.
Could this be the beginning of a journey into everlasting love? Or could this be the beginning of a destructive, catastrophic series of events that would leave a sour taste in the memory of those who are lucky enough to survive it?


I Love this Book
It's a very interesting book. It's a story that must be read by everyone! Thanks to the Author for putting up such a great story.
A Wonderful Book!
I love love bond in wonderland! It's an awesome story.
An Awesome Story!
It's wonderful story. I highly recommend Love Bond In Wonderland for everyone!
It's Truly Romantic Story
This story caught my nerve when I went through it. I feel like reading it more and more. It portrays practical love and suspense thriller.
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