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Book by Ben Farmer

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October 17, 2017  |  1,606 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Mard - Book coverMard is a polar bear, Max is a boy and their paths keep crossing. Max wants to have fun with his friends. All Mard wants is a cuddle. As he stumbles clumsily around the background of Max's life events start to go in funny directions, and Mard goes unseen. Mard starts to feel sillier and sillier - will he ever get a cuddle?

A warm picture book bound to make you smile, brothers Ben and Joe wrote and illustrated Mard as a surprise gift for their friend Max's birthday. Mard was inspired by Max, who has blonde hair and looks a bit like a polar bear, and the things that have happened to him. Ben and Joe wrote the book by telling it to each other, over and over, so you could say that Mard is a true story.

About Ben Farmer

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Ben was born in and has grown up around London. He has recently finished his BA in English Literature. He wrote and illustrated his first book, Mard, with his brother Joe, in between saving up for a van and trying to realise various elaborate travel plans. He plans to write and illustrate more of Mard's adventures in the future.

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