Max Hamby and the Onyx Eyes

by Kathy Cyr US United States
May 31, 2016

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Max Hamby and the Onyx Eyes (book) by Kathy CyrThe third book in the children’s fantasy series - Max Hamby

The battle at Dunmere is over, the first two stones have been found and Milo is safe. But, Milo’s mom and grandma are now trapped with Max’s parents in the Shadowlands. They will fade away and cease to exist unless the other stones can be found.

Max, along with friends and family, prepare to journey to find the next stone, but his plans are thwarted. In a bold move, Isolde sends the Trith to Merrihaven with a message and two strange children are chased from the Downs by an enormous ogre.

Birdie and Basil Salisbury have awakened from a two hundred year sleep with a dark secret. One is good and the other is evil. Both are set to become pawns to gain the stones.

It is to Max to find out who Birdie and Basil are and what they want.

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