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Michael's Passion

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February 6, 2017  |  1,343 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Michael's Passion - Book coverWhat happens when the line between good and evil blurs?

When the archangel Michael is forced to rely on his estranged brother Gabriel for help after a demon attack goes wrong, Gabriel places him before the throne of God for healing. The father is displeased about some of Michael's behavior as of late and casts them both out of heaven until they pay their penance.

Jahi is a demonic seductress who uses sex to steal people's souls. Its not exactly her dream job, but it keeps her boss at bay, until a chance meeting with Michael changes her fate forever.

Author's Notes

The inspiration for Jahi came when I was working as a therapist in a women's correctional institution. Many of the women I worked with were prostitutes, but they were also amazing people. With help it was wonderful to see how high they could climb when someone believed in them and they in turn began to believe in themselves.

The inspiration for the angels came from my time in the military and witnessing the many reactions to the traumas of war in my comrades, such as survival guilt, pushing people away with anger, etc. These reactions continue to play out with the other angels as the series continues.

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