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Mildred Clarance: On Writing

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April 18, 2013  |  939 views  |  0 reviews / comments


Mildred Clarance: On Writing - Book Image Did Not Load!New York City is a mecca for writers, both failures and successes. But very few can claim to be both, and even fewer can claim to have come second for the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction. Of course, even fewer have won, but our protagonist isn't one of those either.
That protagonist is Mildred Clarance. After being hailed as the first great classic literature writer in the 21st century, he involuntarily decided to write two bad novels. He quit his teaching job. He even quit his position at The New York Times. Actually, he was fired, but he likes to think he quit of his own free will.
But with the aid of a hipster/borderline stalker, and against the wishes of his former friend and critic, Mildred will attempt his comeback as the greatest writer of our time. No, actually he's seeking revenge by ruining classic works of literature. But I'm sure he'll come around to see the error of his ways. Maybe.

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