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Mimi the Elephant and the Strawberry Pie

by Tonia Chenn  UA Ukraine

March 1, 2018   |    800 reads    |   0 comments

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Mimi the Elephant and the Strawberry Pie - Book coverMimi the Baby Elephant has a great idea - to bake a strawberry pie on his own. He wants to share the pie with his Mother, Father, and Grandma. But unfortunately, Mimi does not have a pie recipe. In addition, the elephant family has just recently moved to this town, so the Baby Elephant has no friends yet.  On the way to achieving his goal, Mimi meets new friends, he gets to know Lion, who is fond of cooking, bumble bee Arthur who is eager to help and other animals who are very different and have different opinions.  Together with Mimi children learn to be friendly, but to defend their borders, not to be afraid of difficulties and to ask for help at the right time.
If the kid wants to bake a pie with Mimi's recipe, it is easy, as Mimi shares the recipe at the end of the book.

Author's Note: 

My inspiration is my son. He loves elephants and every evening I told him different stories about an elephant Mimi. With the help of these stories, I introduced him to real life, taught him to be a personality and respect others. Now I want to share my stories with you. I hope you will love Mimi the Elephant, as he is kind, creative and has something similar to our children.

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