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Mind Gardens

Sorry and Morticum trilogy Book 2
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by Charles Stoll  US United States

February 4, 2022   |    1,000 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Mind Gardens by Charles Stoll. Book coverWinner of 2020 Independent Press Distinguished Favorite Award.

Second book in the Sorry and Morticum trilogy.

Sorry and his self-made family escape the apocalypse on earth in a Mutmut spaceship. They decide to see if the Rumi moon colony still exists, not heard from on earth since the Robotic Wars. They are shocked when they discover what has become of it and its inhabitants. When they are shown the mind gardens, they are immediately repulsed at the sight. Soon they learn there are benefits to life in a mind garden, such as complete understanding of its inhabitants and eternal life. Once connected in a mind garden, conflicting minds will always reach an agreement. So, why they are so afraid to enter even though it would lead to complete understanding of those around them?

Author's Note: 

My books often contain a larger message within the book. I enjoy writing between the lines and making my readers stop and think. Mind Gardens makes us face the way we communicate with others and places a large emphasis on what we actually know about the other side of the conversation.


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