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Minnie and Max go to Monkeyland

by Alfred Gill  CZ Czech Republic

September 26, 2020   |    155 reads    |   0 comments

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Minnie and Max go to Monkeyland - Book coverMinnie is a girl who loves to have fun with her pet dog and best friend, Max. Max is a really funny, goofy and interesting dog every one wishes to have. They have lots of fun with their neighbor, Jamie, and his pet monkey, Jack. They love to go to Flute Park together.

One day at the park, something very surprising happens when Minnie and Max happen to meet not one or two, but many monkeys at once. All of a sudden, Flute Park has now been turned into Monkeyland! What would Minnie and her best friend Max do now that their favorite park has been hijacked by monkeys?

Are you ready to join Minnie and Max on their new adventure with the monkeys? Join them as they create new ways to share the park with the monkeys? Let’s read!

About The Author

Alfred Gill was born in Prague, in the Czech Republic, and went to university in Paris. Following his graduation, he traveled to the United States, where he spent a year living in New York before he returned to Europe. He now works in Berlin, where he lives with his wife and their son.

It was while reading a bedtime story to his son one evening that Alfred thought about writing his books, and he started dreaming up exciting adventures. His story A Ray of Sunshine centers on a young girl who contracts a deadly virus at school and has to deal with the difficulties it presents.

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