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Mr Thinkalot’s Spectacular Space Journey

Book by I.M.Mayes

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September 16, 2021  |  3,265 views  |  4 reviews / comments

Mr Thinkalot’s Spectacular Space Journey, children's book by I.M.Mayes. Science Fiction. Book coverMr Thinkalot returns for his second space adventure. Follow him on his space race through the solar system and beyond. Two worlds face there impending doom when they are close to extinction level events, can Mr Thinkalot save them? Can he save his friends?

The adventure continues, Mr Thinkalot will help further help learn climate change in a gentle way.


Author's Notes

I wanted to create a space adventure that would would secretly help you learn about climate change along the way, in a gentle way. There are many other topics not just climate change. It is available for preorder on Waterstones and other sites, and will be available soon.

About I.M.Mayes

GB United Kingdom

My names Ian Mayes I’m from the United Kingdom. I enjoy writing, drawing, painting and anything that’s creative. I like peace and quiet, movies and computer games. I wanted to make my readers believe they can do anything.

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Mr Thinkalot’s Fantastic Space Journey by I.M.Mayes. Space journey. Science Fiction children's books. Book cover

Mr Thinkalot’s Fantastic...



This book is even more educational than the last. My son thinks it’s brilliant, it’s nice to see him so engaged in a story that I know he’s learning from. He laughs and is totally invested in the characters. There’s many a surprise in this book, and it’s a pleasure to read. There’s not just climate change and global warming being mentioned, there’s much more than that to learn. It’s just exciting from beginning to end. All that my son is asking is when is number 3 out?

The new planets discovered, and the new characters are great. The story offers a lot. The children find it funny as do I. Fun filled action space adventure. It’s another uplifting positive story. There’s more things to learn.

We really enjoyed this story, a educational book. That will appeal to many, my kids have asked so many questions about the climate. New planet discoveries, new characters. We recommend.

We loved the first book, but oh wow. The author has really put so much into this, it certainly feels like everything has been upgraded. The art the story are Spectacular, a superb book that will help teach climate change and global warming in a gentle way. Books 1 is Fantastic, but book 2 is spectacular. The story follows on perfectly we just think it’s fab. You will not be disappointed with this book, I 100% recommend it’s fun, colourful, arts brilliant and the story is amazing. It’s a large story that’s educational and worth every penny.

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