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Mr Thinkalot’s Spectacular Space Journey

by I.M.Mayes  GB United Kingdom

September 16, 2021   |    293 reads    |   0 comments

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Mr Thinkalot’s Spectacular Space Journey, children's book by I.M.Mayes. Science Fiction. Book coverMr Thinkalot returns for his second space adventure. Follow him on his space race through the solar system and beyond. Two worlds face there impending doom when they are close to extinction level events, can Mr Thinkalot save them? Can he save his friends?

The adventure continues, Mr Thinkalot will help further help learn climate change in a gentle way.

Author's Note: 

I wanted to create a space adventure that would would secretly help you learn about climate change along the way, in a gentle way. There are many other topics not just climate change. It is available for preorder on Waterstones and other sites, and will be available soon.


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