Murder Seen Through the Eyes of a Child

Murder Seen Through the Eyes of a Child by Nathan Rhodes - Book cover.
Nathan Rhodes

18 April, 2015

Our story unfolds in the Appalachian Mountains during the 1960s. It is fiction but based on actual events that occurred in the lives of three young boys. Pollution is non-existent here because strip mining, or mining of any type, has not been allowed anywhere in this area.

The lives that our story touches, and the people who live here, are honest and hardworking folk. They cherish the land, treating it as the precious gift it is.

Three members of this family play a critical role here. They are Denny, Jake and Ty Ferguson, a trio of unforgettable characters who live off the land in this part of the country.

At the same time, this tale also catalogs the lives and adventures of three young boys who witness a tragedy: Joe, (me), Travis and Billy. Still, while terrible events explode all around them, these boys will find ways to get into some very entertaining mischief.

 "Murder Seen through the Eyes of a Child" is their story.

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