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My First Book Of Strangers: The People I DON'T Know

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May 6, 2023  |  134 views

My First Book Of Strangers: The People I DON'T Know - Book cover.Are you interested in teaching your child the dangers of strangers at a young age? If so, this book is for you!

Encourage your little ones to stay close to family and friends when strangers are around with People I DON'T Know, from the My First Book Of Strangers series. The imagery found in this book will allow the children in your life to see and feel the dangers of wandering off with people they don't know. Within these few pages lie lessons that are sure to stay with your child for a lifetime!

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Laura Pruett began her writing career at the ripe age of approximately three years old by signing her name in her books. She soon advanced to writing random words on doors and, eventually, kindergarten stories about a Santa Clause she had never been taught existed (this time, on normal notebook paper). By the time she finally entered college classes, she would answer the introductory "If...

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