Natalie Tereshchenko - Lady In Waiting

Natalie Tereshchenko - Lady In Waiting by Elizabeth Audrey Mills, Book cover.

15 July, 2013

Natalie is no ordinary Lady In Waiting ~ she is a niece of the Tsar of Russia ~ but it is a secret that no-one will admit. She works for Tatiana, second eldest of the daughters of Nicholas II, a family that lives in luxury while the citizens of Russia starve. But revolution is in the air, and things are about to change.
Natalie's only friends are the twins ~ Polya, shy and nervous, and Rada, the tough one. Together, they travel with the royal family into exile as the country descends into civil war, and when Polya is threatened, Rada and Natalie plot a murder to protect her.
As she experiences the decline of the Russian monarchy, Natalie also candidly reveals her own insecurities and longings, her friendships and loves. She tells of the men who loved her and the one who deceived her, and, when the family is slaughtered, shares the agonising decision she is driven to make.

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Genre: Fiction > Historical

ISBN: 978-1482516814


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