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The New Day

by Willow Styles  ZA South Africa

November 22, 2021   |    1,926 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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The New Day by Willow Styles. Book coverScotty, Skye and JT are young adult friends who are struggling to find their place in the community because of  emotional issues relating to the physical and verbal abuse they were enforced to endure  in a sub standard children's welfare facility where they grew up.  As young adults they negotiate a challenging emotional journey, each coping in their own individual way, attempting to overcome difficult hurdles in their way and at the same time learning life's vital lessons.

Their journey results in a heartbreaking tragedy but ultimately it ends in triumph.

The New Day is essentially a heartwarming love story highlighting the power of love and loyalty.

Author's Note: 

The New Day is available in English in Kindle ebook, paperback and hardcover versions on Amazon. It is 364 pages long and the file size is 504KB

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