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No More Mulberries

Book by Mary Smith

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August 6, 2013  |  4,062 views  |  2 reviews / comments

Book Image Did Not Load!Set in Afghanistan, No More Mulberries is the story of Scottish-born Miriam and her Afghan husband Dr Iqbal. Miriam loves her work at a rural health clinic in Afghanistan but is aware of cracks appearing in her marriage, though she doesn't know what is going wrong - only that her husband seems to be changing and is no longer the man she married.
When, against Iqbal's wishes, Miriam agrees to act as translator at a health teaching camp she hopes time apart might help her understand the cause of their problems. An old friend appears at the camp, inviting her to visit his village and Miriam finds herself travelling on a journey into her past where she must face up to the traumatic loss of her first husband, killed by a mujahideen group. When she realises it is partly her own behaviour which has damagaed her relationship with Iqbal, Miriam resolves to put things right between them - but is she too late? Will Iqbal still want her, or will the return of his first love, a beautiful Afghan girl now a widow, mean he no longer wants Miriam?
No More Mulberries is a novel about loss, divided loyalties, and, ultimately, love. As well as a powerful story it offers an intriguing and authentic insight into daily life in rural Afghanistan.

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Mary Smith writes fiction and non-fiction, is a freelance journalist and a poet. She lives in south west Scotland whose landscape is a source of inspiration for her poetry. The history of the area and the astonishingly high numbers of creative artists living in the region provide endless material for her journalism. Much of her work, though, is informed by her years of living and working in...

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Thanks for your kind comments, Romy. I'm delighted you enjoyed No More Mulberries and find Afghanistan, as I do, an amazing country. The women there are pretty amazing, too.

This is a wonderful novel set in Afghanistan that explores the lives of some of the women who live in this amazing country, by an author who lived and worked there for some years.

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