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by Elsmere Gracey / IE Ireland

“Smarter Every Day” is the fourth book in “The Smarty Pants Series” – a collection of facts, trivia, and general knowledge that offers the reader bite-sized chunks of random information. Why do fashion shows promote weird clothes that no one will wear? What happened to the Ghent Altarpiece? What is the red thing under a turkey’s neck called? Coincidences, murder mysteries, science, geography, people, animals, cars, sport ...


Smarter Every Day - Book cover
by Cat Ellington / US United States

From the author of Reviews by Cat Ellington, More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech, and Memoirs in Gogyohka comes a uniquely waggish narrative that despite being unlike its literary forerunners, still serves to be just as enlightening. Introducing You Can Quote Me On That: A Collection of Quotes by Cat Ellington, a fun-filled assemblage of recitations spoken by the woman herself.


You Can Quote Me On That - Book cover
by Odin / US United States

You will find out about human supernatural abilities (Siddhis) in this book, will get the detailed description of types of siddhis could be, which supernatural powers manage human chakras. What is the third eye and the third eye meaning – Ajna chakra. What hidden third eye powers could be, and how to use your third eye in common life.


Third Eye Awakening - Book cover
by Odin / US United States

This workbook is for those who want to find the way how to treat chronic fatigue, how to get rid of nervousness, who has lack of energy and want to solve a health problem and accelerated and premature aging by himself – without medicine and doctors. You will find out what is Bindu yoga, Bindu chakra meaning ...


Bindu Chakra – Body Rejuvenation - Book cover
by Alix Lee / TW Taiwan, Province of China

The True Tales of a Traveller series of short stories and novellas consists of several dozen real-life travellers' tales covering three and a half decades. Although presented in a short story format for reading convenience, these stories are not fiction. Apart from some of the characters’ names, which have been changed to protect their identities, everything in these stories is true. These stories do not all fit neatly into the ‘travel story’ genre, although some will indeed meet most readers’ expectations in this regard.


True Tales of a Traveller Volume One - Book cover
by Odin / US United States

This is very powerful and effective meditation for beginners as well as for those who are engaged in yoga, esoteric science, or healing. Is one of the two very simple exercise with the help of which you can easily refill the stores of your energy. To strengthen the effect you need to do it along with the exercise "How To Meditate Properly: How To Relieve Stress, To Get Over Anxiety Attack, Depression & Sadness Using The Balance Of Yin & Yang Energies."


How To Keep Your Body Young And Naturally Boost Your Immune System - Book cover
by Odin / US United States

It's great and simple meditation for chakra balancing using sound and color – how to awaken chakras, how to open chakras, how to protect themselves from the evil eye and hoodoo, how to develop the abilities, to clean and activate chakras. This handbook is a very simple and quick way for chakra activation, chakra protection, chakra cleansing and chakra balancing, that quickly leads to better health and the well-being preservation.


Quick Guide For Protection And Cleansing Your Aura From Negative Energy - Book cover
by Odin / US United States

How to feel energy, how to learn to track your emotions in the aura, how to develop the ability to feel your energy field & aura. With this workbook you will be able to develop a very useful ability – awakening of awareness, increasing spiritual awareness, will learn how to highlight your primary structure – your true "I", your AWARENESS, purified from the influence of body of thoughts, emotions and physical body.


How To Feel The Human Aura And Energy - Book cover
by Odin / US United States

There are two interconnected practices. In the first practice – with the help of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra you turn out the channel with God – with Lord Shiva, and with the second – you develop the INTERNAL ATTENTION. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is considered to be one of the oldest and most powerful mantras of the Vedic era.


Healing Mantra - Book cover
by Odin / US United States

This workbook is the ideal training for beginners and for experienced yogis, healers, esoterics and those who are involved in the divers technique of desires execution, who want to fulfill their potential; to attract money and luck; to be defended against psychic attacks; to increase immunity; to get rid of chronic fatigue, stresses, depression and other negative states.


Why The Gods Do Not Hear Us – Practices - Book cover


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We Lost the Sky
We Lost the Sky - Book cover
by Marie Howalt