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Not a Word About Love

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by Hana Goldberg  IL Israel

May 25, 2017   |    1,253 reads    |   0 comments

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Not a Word About Love - Book coverAward-Winning Author

Maya falls madly in love with a mysterious man, and then sets off on an obsessive journey, chasing after him. Torn between fidelity and fulfilling her emotional and sexual urges, she makes surprising discoveries about the mysterious man, but more importantly, about herself. How far will she be willing to go?

"Pure pleasure.Contemporary, flowing and fluid language. That is the greatness of Goldberg.She draws her characters with such precision it feels like you can actuallytouch them. I fell in love with the character as she grew and transformed froma spineless creature to a courageous woman. Goldberg's writing style is richwith nuance and humor, and while reading I found myself smiling more than onceand laughing out loud up to the point of tears many times.‎" - Women's World

"Witty writing,sharp dialogue and clever metaphors. Thrilling from beginning to end‎ without it being at the expense of‎ atight and elegant plot, with fluent, precise and effective language. A hugebestseller!" - Yediot Achronot - largest daily newspaper in Israel

"I can see whythis novel has been so popular. It's funny, sensual, frank, and very open. Thenightmarish quality of some of the passages, like the jet-skiaccident, contrast very well with the sassy humour and the dialogue soundsreally natural. I'm really impressed at the quality of the modern idioms in ittoo. It's very entertaining and I really enjoyed it - sharp observations, andgreat humour... a cracking read!" - Julie Phelps, literary editor, United Kingdom

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