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Odin the Ferret

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Posted January 15, 2019  |  1,401 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Odin the Ferret - Book coverOdin the Ferret is a short story about a young girl, Samantha, who falls in love with a war-torn looking ferret that she comes across while volunteering at her local animal shelter.

Her mother has not allowed her to own any pets as she considers Samantha too irresponsible. However, Samantha decides to bring Odin home one day.

Chaos ensues.

What gifts does a little ferret bring beyond mischief and mayhem?

You’ll laugh out loud reading this tale!

Author's Note: 

While I was in a writing group completing a stream of consciousness writing exercise, I imagined a little girl and a ferret. Intrigued and charmed by the relationship between the two, I continued writing and then editing the story after my writing group ended that day.

In addition, I have loved animals ever since I was a child. And there are so many animals at animal shelters waiting for a loving home. My hope is that this story is not only fun for “kids of all ages,” but also inspires people to bring home a little ferret or other animal from an animal shelter or animal rescue group.

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Kathryn V. White

Artist, Author, Novelist

US United States

Kathryn V. White is an award-winning artist and author. She is also a mystical cosmonaut who enjoys adventures in expansion by delving deep, high, and wide as part of her explorations into the many realms of this world and beyond. She enjoys sharing her explorations and what she has learned with others through her art and writings. Her overall intent is to share writings that are... Read more about the Author

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