Olympus Rises

Olympus Rises: Book One of the Code of War by Jim Roberts, Book cover.
Book One of the Code of War

22 August, 2013

The year is 2014. On the eve of the final withdrawal of all Coalition forces from Afghanistan, a small unit of Army Rangers is attacked and destroyed by a high tech Private Army known only as Olympus. The survivors, Joe Braddock and his friend, Canadian special forces soldier Danny Callbeck, are captured and held in a fortress in the Pamir Mountains of Kazinistan.
There, with the help of a few friends, they must affect a daring escape and find the secret to the enigmatic Code of War.
Olympus Rises is a fast-paced action-packed, cutting edge adventure with everything a fan of the genre could want! 

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Genre: Fiction > War & Military

ISBN: 978-1301512935


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