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Only Human

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January 31, 2014  |  1,779 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Only Human by Maria Bradley. Book coverAecia is a deformity! A curious case of two members of the same species producing another one! Desperately lonely, and living a lie, she creates an imaginary human friend whom she names Amica.
When she meets a real friend 'Garok' she is overjoyed, but her happiness is short lived when the truth of her origin is revealed, and it will shake the foundations of the cruel vampire world forever.

About Maria Bradley

GB United Kingdom

The truth is I am a very boring person and Author Bio's scare the living daylights out of me! Maybe that's why I love to write because I can be whoever I want to be in the book for a little while. Reading accomplishes the same task and I could be Hermione, Katniss or, dare I say it, Voldemort!Voldemort appears in our house when one of my sons leave their boxers on a wet bathroom floor....

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