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The Infusion Series Book 1

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August 21, 2021  |  740 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Origins, The Infusion Series Book 1 by Steven Tandberg. Best-selling young adult thriller, science fiction. Book coverBest-selling young adult thriller!

Death in his past. Cancer in his future. Love will sustain him. Betrayal will scar him. Mortality may save him.

Origins chronicles the adventures of Coyle, a teenager with leukemia who undergoes an experimental treatment and receives much more than he bargains for. While his body appears cured, something deeper has gone terribly wrong. The world lauds the success over cancer without knowing the consequences. Soon they will realize that Coyle is their only hope for salvation. When the treatment begins to affect those he loves, Coyle is compelled to act with his new found abilities.


"I felt a connection to the characters and was completely wrapped around their situations and what was happening in the book.

So take it from the picky reader, the book is great and was a huge success with me!"



About Steven Tandberg

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Steven R. Tandberg is the author of the young adult best seller, Origins. His fiction novels have captured the minds of readers all over the world. Steven is both a physician and an author. During his undergraduate days Steve enjoyed his creative writing classes but due to his decision to pursue a career in medicine, they fell by the wayside. After having the creative bug thoroughly...

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