Philip and the Unfair Bedtime

Join Philip as he goes head-to-head with bedtime, convinced that it's the ultimate unfairness. While the grown-ups are out there having a blast with giraffe rodeos and treasure hunts, Philip's stuck in Snoozeville.

But could bedtime have a surprise or two up its pajama sleeve?

With hilarious rhymes and captivating illustrations, this story is a wild bedtime journey for every bedtime protestor.

“Philip and the Unfair Bedtime" is your secret pass to a dreamland that's all fun and games, best gift for kids who think bedtime's not all that fair.
Share this giggle-inducing tale to help kids sleep while they discover that bedtime can be a laugh-out-loud adventure they won't want to miss.

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Genre: Fiction > Children

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2 months ago


My little one adores the colorful illustrations and laughes out loud when we read to them!

Ashley D.

2 months ago


Nice, I didn’t know it will get posted here quickly. the idea of the book is fresh and funny to think about how are kids think sometimes, When I saw the video for the book briefly on Facebook, and I felt related, remembering that as a kid thinking what my parents do when I go to sleep. so I purchased the paperback version- beautiful illustrations, my kids really liked the rhymes. You can tell the illustration made by hand and I like the authenticity and the video is great too for read out loud.