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Platinum and Pearls

Action Romance Novel
by Suellen Smith  US United States

May 4, 2015   |    1,037 reads    |   0 comments

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Platinum and Pearls - Book Image Did Not Load!Viva Las Vegas! Here I come! Platinum was leaving her small town in the Ozarks. She was headed to the glamorous city that never sleeps where she planned to fulfill her dream of becoming a fabulous showgirl. Unfortunately, her dream suddenly evaporates when she sees something she should not have seen. Because she values her life, she knew she needed to disappear pronto.

Incognito, Platinum headed back to "The Show Me State of Missouri". It was winter. By the time she reaches Kansas City, she found herself in the middle of a full fledged snowstorm. Without warning, her car suddenly slides down a ravine and she is rescued by the widower, Luke McCain. Their affair becomes as stormy as the weather that first day they met.

Evil, however, continues to lurk and swirl like a lethal snake. It is unrelenting, vindictive, and never sleeps. There will be no escape.

About The Author

Suellen received a degree in teaching with a minor in speech and English. She has taught grades 1-12. She is married and the mother of a boy and girl. Suellen's artistic talents can be found in the book, Cow Parade Kansas City under "Miss Liberty Moomorial". She shares the same revolutionary ancestor, Captain David Bowles, with Barack Obama. Suellen has published "Champagne Romance" (Action Romance Novel) and "Platinum and Pearls" (Action Romance Novel) with Romance Novel Publishing. Currently she just published her 3rd book "Forever Lovers" (Military Romance).

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