Pleasure Island

March 11, 2012

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Pleasure IslandPleasure Island is a contemporary romance novel set on a reality tv show. The two main characters, Jackson Moore and Allie Read, are complete opposites in temperament and the sparks fly from the first moment they meet. They are left alone on a tropical island with cameras capturing their every move. The first person to break and ask to go home will lose and the other will take home the prize money.

It sounds easy enough in theory, but Jack is a Hollywood movie star and bad boy, experiencing severe withdrawals from alcohol and cigarettes. Allie is an uptight documentary filmmaker and control freak who need something to keep her busy at all times. It does not take long for them to turn on each other.

There are plenty of laughs and poignant moments in this book as Jack and Allie struggle at first with their growing physical attraction, and then their deeper feelings for each other. Pleasure Island turns out to be anything but what they had expected as they both face the biggest challenge of all - falling in love.

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Pleasure Island
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