Princess Jazzy

Princess Jazzy by Sonja McGiboney. Book cover.
How to Prove You're a Princess
Sonja McGiboney

17 April, 2022

Jazzy's friends laugh at her and tell her that she is just a dog. Jazzy sets out to prove she is a princess.

At the library, she finds pictures and books about princesses. She tries dressing like one but that doesn't work. Then she reads fairy tales and does all the tests that she finds in them including kissing a frog.

Just when she is about to give up, her friend Tilly, the cat, helps her out.

Author's Notes

The story is useful in a classroom. It teaches children to be okay with their own identity. Jazzy isn't a real princess, but she sees herself as one. It doesn't matter what other dogs are saying to her, she learns to be okay with how she feels about herself. Children don't have to prove their identities with clothes, tasks, and tests. Despite what others say, it's what one does with kindness, love, and their best efforts that make a difference.

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Genre: Fiction > Children

ISBN: 9781733366397

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