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Recovering is an Art

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July 21, 2017  |  1,172 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Recovering is an Art - Book coverRape is a big deal. This Chick Lit is a first-person perspective of a girl that has gone through abuse and rape. As her life is in the deepest pit thus far, she is given an opportunity to make it better. The problem is, a change of scene does not make life all better. Olivia now has to figure out how to keep a will to live when it no longer seems worth it. Anytime she feels as though life is improving, something happens to make it seems as though it is not. In addition, she is dealing with the mental repercussions of sexual abuse. She feels wrong and dirty. It does not matter that she showers many times a day, she still feels like a filthy person and she hates herself for it.
Oliva’s story is about what can happen after a rape and how the journey to recovery from a traumatic event is not simple. The recovery is not one that happens overnight. It is something that she fights for daily. But eventually, we all get tired.

Excerpt from book: “I gripped Ryan’s razor in my hands. I pictured it running across my wrists. I wondered if I would feel it, slowly slicing into me. I cannot feel anything else, but maybe I could feel this. The water from the shower was so hot, my skin was burning red. The only reason I knew the temperature was because of this redness.
Maybe I will cut a little, just to see if I can feel it. I lightly ran it down my wrist, not with enough pressure to cut into me, but there was a little thrill knowing what I could do. I was sitting there contemplating the razor and my life when someone came bursting through the door.
I did not flinch. I did not care who saw me. I did not exist after all, how could I when all I had ever been was a shell.”


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