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April 22, 2023  |  684 views

Relic by Frank Pettingill. Book cover.Organized crime has taken hold in the once-glorious city of Gloucester on the East Coast. The citizens live in constant fear and apathy, fed up with the corrupt police force and the brutality of the local gangs. As if stepping from the pages of history, a relic of a warrior has begun to fight back. A towering suit of armor with glowing red eyes strikes fear into the hearts of those who would do harm to the innocent.

The story is told from the perspective of Tacitus O'Neil, the Gloucester City Museum of History curator. Tacitus was paralyzed from the waist down when a gang war spilled into his museum. His search for reason and meaning has turned him into a master detective.

As the armored warrior battles corruption on the streets, Tacitus delves deeper into the sources of Gloucester's decay, uncovering a web of treachery and deceit that threatens to destroy the city from within. With its vivid descriptions, pulse-pounding action, and a protagonist like no other, this hard-boiled detective novel will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Crystal Burrows | Thinking from the beginning | April 23, 2023
Thinking from the beginning this book is out of my norm. But once I got into it, it turned into a really interesting story. A lot of history can be found in a museum and this story just tells one of many that can come from one. Yeah, it may not be a real story but the history behind the relics and paintings and even the weapons kept in a museum can be. I would recommend this book to almost anyone who wants to read a book with some history, some action and of course the start of a hero to protect it all. Can not wait to read what comes in the next telling of this story.

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