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Revenge Fires Back

Book by JR Thompson

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July 27, 2017  |  1,387 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Revenge Fires Back - Book coverBRADY CLARK'S FAMILY chooses horrible timing for their first camping trip—a night when a fierce storm leaves them stranded in the woods.

Circumstances that leave him running around in the forest wearing, well, let's just say less than appropriate attire cause him to unleash his anger by physically assaulting his father.

Not yet ready to face the discipline he has coming, Brady makes false allegations against both of his parents. That one foolish move throws the Clarks into a world they knew very little about. A world that could possibly prevent them from ever dwelling together again as a family unit.

Can God use these trials to wake this family up to His purpose?

Author's Notes

I wrote this book after being a foster parent for several years and hearing many horror stories of how children were taken from their families under false pretenses. I heard story after story about abusive foster homes and facilities. Yes, there were good situations as well - children that really benefited from being removed from their biological parents and children who had wonderful foster parents... but the stories of children and the families I worked with inspired me to write this novel to show readers how easily any family can fall apart and become entangled in a system they want no part of.

About JR Thompson

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JR Thompson lives in a Montana ghost town with his amazing wife, three goats who believe they're dogs, and a personal vehicle that has been chewed up by a bear.

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