Rise of Dresca

Rise of Dresca by Tim McKay - Book cover.
Tim McKay

14 August, 2023

Enter a world where evil parasitizes all. Where limitless power and knowledge can be yours for a price, not of your soul, but of your mind, your will, and your resolve to be free.

Join an unlikely band of allies on a journey beset by shadow and intrigue, pulled by the strings of fate to the source of a new evil.

A lord’s daughter turns assassin. An orphan girl discovers her power. A captain plots in vain.

And the last soldier of Ceremai finds his destiny.

Witness the dawn of a new age, and learn if what evil intended to harm you…
... can become something far more terrible.

Rise of Dresca is the first book of the Draemeir Chronicle.

Author's Notes

Rise of Dresca, and the Draemeir Chronicle as a whole, feels like a lifelong daydream that’s spiraled out of control. Pieces of it have been years in the making, reiterated and reworked many times, but once I put it in writing, it took on a life of its own. I’ve done my best to stay true to that and let the story tell itself.

One of my favorite things about self-publishing is getting total control over the final book, including the copyright page. That's where I give my most succinct answer to the question "How have your experiences shaped this book?" You'll have to buy the book to see what I mean, and you'll probably laugh. 

My life has taken many twists and turns, including during my time as a pastor, and the darker edge and intensity of my writing might surprise some readers without putting them off. I can only say to brace for the roller coaster, but I promise you'll enjoy the ride.

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