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Book by CJ Locke
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January 2, 2023  |  272 views

Sam (book) by CJ Locke. Romantic erotica. Book coverNobody in my line of work uses their real name, so you can call me Sam. That stands for ‘sales and marketing’ because that’s what I do… Sales and marketing for the sex workers of Swansea.

Author's Notes

I wasn't always in the sex trade. In fact, I lead somewhat of a double life.

My friends, family and colleagues know me as Carol, a successful sales and marketing professional, happily married, with three kids at university.

But I live a lie. My alter ego Sam leads an exciting life full of drama, intrigue, and lots of sex!

This book catalogues my exhausting secret life. Find out about my involvement ins some extremely illegal activities, including cyberstalking, kidnapping, disposal of a dead body and a romance with one of Swansea's notorious bad boys...

About CJ Locke

GB United Kingdom

CJ Locke is a Welsh author. She is as mysterious as her work is erotic.

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