ScheDADule (Best Dad & Daughter Week)

ScheDADule (Best Dad & Daughter Week) - Book cover.
Gift for Dad from Daughter. Poetry
Alex May

31 May, 2020

Let's spend an unforgettable week with Dad and Daughter!

One day my mom told me with a gentle smile,
"Sweetie, I won't be here for a while.
"But she noticed that I was a little sad.
"Guess what? Your babysitter will be your dad."

So this story begins, full of humor and joyful experiences.

Mom leaves for a week on a business trip. Little girl, 7 years old, will spend this week with dad. Dad planned every day.

My dad said, "Don't worry, honey, I've planned all week."
He closed the door when he kissed my mom on the cheek.

But as soon as mom left, the plans changed…

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Genre: Fiction > Children

ISBN: 979-8-6488-0455-5


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