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Sex Business Tokyo

A dancer seeking work amidst the nightlife of Tokyo

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June 26, 2021  |  846 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Sex Business Tokyo - Book coverThis is the story of an Australian dancer named Angela, who travels to Tokyo seeking work in cabaret. Angela's story is set in the 1980s. It portrays the slow seduction of the naïve girl, who willingly enters her own concept of sex business amidst the busy nightlife of Tokyo's entertainment centres.

It is the story of sex, money, men and the voice within Angela, who becomes the most significant identity in her journey seeking fame through prostitution. Angela is cheated, betrayed, and then becomes the target of Yakuza and the police. As time goes by this Australian dancer begins to lose herself. It is only the guidance of the voice that keeps her from evitable violence and even death. What happens to Angela is unexpected and at times frightening, daunting, exciting and inspiring.


About Alta Eva Bourne

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Alta Eva Bourne has written many articles for women's magazines and made a living from writing. This is her first book and it is really a reaction to many of the articles she has written over the years about dancers who live and work in Japan.

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