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Shadows Beneath The Veil

by Anfal Khaliq  GB United Kingdom

June 22, 2013   |    1,107 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!Aisha's living her westernized life to the full; she's hanging out with her best mates Kajal and Elektra, messing around with boys, acting like she's everything. At home she's a completely different person; she's respecting Islam and showing her family how good a Muslim she is. She is nothing but a hypocrite. So when her parents find out about everything, including the time when she goes partying with Chris, and the way she shames Islam to the public, why do they suddenly feel driven to murder? She has shown them that she is not to be trusted, and deserves nothing but to perish in hell. Will she ever come to sense and become a good Muslim?

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