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Shadows of Day

Book 2 of Dark Shadows
by M E Whiter  AU Australia

May 2, 2016   |    929 reads    |   0 comments

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Shadows of Day (book) by M E WhiterA deadly blackmail threat sees Rachel and Sebastian reunited in Book Two.

The drama continues on from book one Shadows of Knight, where secrets and murder are revealed, and the suspense escalates when Rachel's adventure in Vancouver BC, turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Rachel returns to Sebastian's penthouse where he promises it's the only place he can keep her safe. But, no place can keep her safe from the blackmailer's cunning determination to seek revenge. Rachel is lured into a devious trap, which ends with her being kidnapped and tortured. Suddenly, the threat on her life is painfully real.

Sebastian pays for her safe return but the blackmailer refuses to hand her over, leaving him with no choice but to call in the police for help. Once Rachel is rescued and the blackmailer is finally captured, she begins to think her life can finally return to normal.

But, life is never that simple, right?

Rachel's dreams of a new future are shattered when she stumbles on some incriminating evidence in Sebastian's office. Not only does it uncover a family secret from the past but it suggests he isn't the man he professes to be . . .

Is Sebastian her saviour or her deadly enemy?

About The Author

M. E. Whiter lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains, near Sydney Australia with her husband and two small dogs, who think they are the boss of the house. She loves to write sexy romantic suspense stories, filled with mystery and intrigue and lots of steamy romance on the side.

Her writing stems from a love of learning and being creative which started from early childhood and has taken her life in many different directions over the years, including writing, psychology and art, to name just a few. She describes herself as being "part gypsy", having travelled widely both around... more

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