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Old forgotten myths meet futuristic drugs and illegal rave parties in the slums of a new unified North Korea
Book by Rou Hun Fan

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November 21, 2018  |  2,205 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Shinbyeong by Rou Hun Fan. Book coverAfter South- and North Korea have unified, we follow the life of a young introvert geek. Living in the slums of Pyongyang. He indulges in psychedelic party-drugs at underground raves.

He wakes up alone after losing control of himself at a party. Without his friends and lots of unread messages on his phone, he has no clue what happened. But after this incident, strange visual glitches are popping up. He thinks he might be going crazy.

Yet, his roommate, Chung-Hei, connects his experiences to old Korean shamanistic mythologies. This starts off an investigation and together they go up to Mount Paektu. All while following the thoughts of a man going insane.

Shinbyeong also contains a documentary to support the storyline. Telling you what happened to North-Korea before and after the unification. And explains real, ancient Korean mythologies to support the story.

Author's Notes

My girlfriend made a bet with me and I accepted it. Write the drafts of a book in 30 days or pay $1000.

A $1000 is a very solid motivation I should say. After 30 days I wrote and finished the drafts (and saved myself some money). I edited the hell out of it and had friends help me while writing openly in a shared Google doc. I decided to hire a professional editor in the end and this is basically the end result, Shinbyeong.

About Rou Hun Fan

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Rou Hun Fan is an independent author. He’s been writing in private for 10+ years and now starts the quest to pursue his passion openly. Traveling and working in Asia and Europe while supporting himself doing development and design, in an attempt to enter an industry well known for struggling artists. All support will help him create and hopefully one day switch to a full writing-career.

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