Since the Sirens

Since the Sirens by EE Isherwood. Book cover.
Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 1
EE Isherwood

2 March, 2016

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse is going to be rough. But having to care for your 104-year-old great-grandmother takes it to a whole new level of crazy. Liam Peters, 15, is stuck with his Grandma for the summer when the zombie plague starts to take hold in the city. He considers making a run for it, but knows he would never forgive himself if he left his elderly caretaker to die. He makes the decision to get her out of the city with him.

The collapsing city of St. Louis sets the stage for their encounters with career criminals, scared refugees, paranoid civilians hunkered down in their homes, confused law enforcement, desperate military units, and of course the zombies.

Liam soon understands why there are no atheists in foxholes.

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Genre: Fiction > Science Fiction

ISBN: 9781522774839


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