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May 26, 2016

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Singularity (book) by Alexander LydiateJoe Newman has a dream: he dreams the Voice, an artificial intelligence which grows and grows. Their adventure takes them across continents and cultures, half the world and back, in pursuit of a machine able to create keys to every cyber lock in existence - the Mega Qubit quantum computer.

Singularity is a science fiction thriller. On their journey Joe and the Voice will encounter Taiwanese gangsters, dissident American academics and rogue Irish pilots. They'll know the intoxicating humidity of Taipei, the arid air of Arabian deserts, the dusty streets of Casablanca, the forbidding tension of London in the year 2037.

Set twenty years in the future, this work of speculative fiction explores the effect of exponential connectivity, the nature of religion and the failings of human governance in a world seduced by the Tanglenet: a new revolution in communications, biostranding human brains to tangled electron pairs and a zero latency network of humans and computers.

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Singularity (book) by Alexander Lydiate