Sixteen Months, Discovery - Book 1

Rose’s life of late had become one big challenge, her friendships had started to fade and become strained especially with her lifelong bestie Jenny, nothing was what it had once been. Then there was the loneliness of being single, it was starting to depress her, night after night alone in her bed. Everything that was happening stemmed from one event that had occurred a year ago, it had turned her bitter, caused her to become cold in both heart and mind …
But deep down Rose knew this all had to change, that she had to change. She was starting to miss the friendships, the companionship, the loving embrace that only another person could give - but most of all she missed something that had always played a big part in her life, sex!
Could she really do it, the same questions continually passed through her mind, what if she tried and failed, would she get hurt again, would her past hold her back or worse still - would it catch up with her and if so, how would she handle it.
Warning: this book contains adult themes/references, descriptive sex as well as mild to heavy swearing. They say sex liberates you, well I have found in writing about it I got lots of pleasure from it, I hope by reading it you will too!

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Genre: Fiction > Romance

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11 years 2 months ago

Wanted something different to read, liked fifty Shades and all that, found this on the web a few days ago and thought what the heck, so I bought it, was a bit of a slow start but now I have got into it and I like! Cannot wait to find out what more is going on, would rate 4/5 so far.

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