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Slave Empire III, The Shrike

by TC Southwell  ZA South Africa

January 20, 2013   |    1,169 reads    |   0 comments

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Slave Empire III, The Shrike (book) by TC SouthwellTo save Rayne from the empty existence her empathy has condemned her to, shunned by all who fear her power, the Shrike has married her. He’s shared some of his secrets with and revealed his face to her, and some would do anything to know what she does. With the high bounty on his head, this knowledge puts her in grave danger if she ever strays from his protection.
Even so, he remains largely a mystery, an aloof, but gentle, companion, and Rayne longs for more. What she knows for sure is that, should his enemies kill or capture him, millions of ex-slaves will die or be returned to slavery.
The Shrike, an ex-slave too, carries the physical and mental scars of his terrible former life. Should his foes discover the truth about him, not even all his warships could protect him, and, upon his death, the Slave Empire would go to war with his murderers, and its retribution will be horrific, bloody and final.

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