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The Soulmate Call

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by Tiffany Ann  US United States

August 16, 2021   |    212 reads    |   0 comments

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The Soulmate Call by Tiffany Ann. He was only supposed to be a memory, and definitely not her destiny. Book cover.Lisabeth Gilbert was a young ordinary college student determined to guard her heart. Her heart was meant for one person only. Little did she know that her soul had already found the one. During a chance encounter on campus, Lisabeth sees the one her soul had claimed. Her soul instinctively takes control and calls out to his soul tying their souls together for eternity.

Rey Turner’s family discovered the soulmate call generations ago. Rey knew who his soulmate was, but refused to accept her because she was a virgin, waiting for marriage. He was a selfish fool, more willing to let the other half of his soul walk out of his life, than to honor her by waiting for marriage like she desired. By the time he had come to his senses he had pushed her out of his life. He believed he was destined to live without the one created just for him, but he was wrong. The moment their eyes met again, her soul took over and called his. Afraid to lose her again, his soul responded to hers without hesitation.

Will Lisabeth forgive Rey and accept the soulmate call? Will Rey have the strength to love, honor, and cherish her as she desires?

Author's Note: 

He was only supposed to be a memory, and definitely not her destiny.


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