The Sparkly Bun

The Sparkly Bun by Keith Stoeckeler. Book cover.
A children's book about confidence, self-esteem, individuality, and creativity.
Keith Stoeckeler

21 April, 2023

In a world where fitting in is the norm, “The Sparkly Bun” shows children the importance of being true to oneself.
Join Emme as she navigates the tricky world of schoolyard fashion. Emme loves her clothes and accessories, but she especially loves one item. When she wears it to school two days in a row, her friends start to tease her. Will Emme be able to learn the valuable lesson that being an individual is more important than fitting in with the crowd? 
With charming illustrations and a heartwarming story, “The Sparkly Bun" is the perfect addition to any child's library.

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Genre: Fiction > Children

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