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Book by M.A. Belarj

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June 8, 2015  |  1,893 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Spirilet by M.A. Belarj. Book coverLightning strikes in America’s heartland, igniting a new life. Literally.

Joe, stuck in a droll job and a lackluster life, dreams of escaping ennui, finding love, and living a joyful life. Joe is so bored he buys a life-sized doll for companionship and names her Sandra.

Sitting on his veranda with Sandra after work one night, storm clouds gather. The sky cracks open and a blinding light fills the night with electricity. A bolt of lightning strikes Sandra and creates a conduit for a spirit from another world to inhabit Sandra. The doll is now enlivened and she gains mobility and talks to Joe. Joe learns the spirit’s name is Spirilet.

Excited about life again, Spirilet helps Joe regain self-confidence He tells his uncle and mentor, Alex, as well as a trusted coworker, Anna, about Spirilet.

Joe’s jealous and embittered cousin overhears and runs excitedly to the villain, a photojournalist, who wants to publicize the phenomenon to make a fortune. The villain plans to sell proof of Spirilet’s existence to the highest bidder and scoop his journalist peers. He concocts a complicated scheme with his crew, using any means possible to prove the spirit is alive in the doll. He will go to any length to succeed, including kidnapping an innocent girl – Joe’s niece.

When Joe realizes the evil nature of the crew, he must choose whether to sacrifice Spirilet or his niece. He turns to his Uncle Alex and his coworker Anna for counsel and assistance. His actions lead to a dramatic confrontation, causing a bittersweet resolution.

About M.A. Belarj

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M.A. Belarj is a newly published author of a paranormal fantasy book called Spirilet. Right now, he lives in New York but will soon be moving to Florida. You can find him on most social media sites and you can find Spirilet on Amazon in Kindle format.

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