Spirit of the Mist

Romance & High Fantasy in Ancient Ireland

Muriel is mistress of the sea and of the water mirror, which shows the truth when the full moon shines. In return, the women of her family must marry only kings or lose their magic forever.

Brendan is a prince, destined to be king. One stormy night, Muriel's powers save his life. Soon they are together in what seems the perfect marriage.

When Brendan's true identity is revealed, his kingship is lost. Exiled from his lands, with Muriel losing her magic, they will have to find some new way to live if they, and their people, are to live at all.

NOTE: This book was first published by Dorchester in 2002. It has been re-edited by the author, and given a new cover, but is the same story as the original novel.

Battlefield violence. A few scenes of encounters between consenting adults over the age of 21. No part of this work was created using artificial intelligence (AI) software of any kind.

Each book in the Celtic Journeys series tells a complete story, so they may be read in any order.

Author's Notes

Speaking of *Star Wars*… I'm sure you know that Luke Skywalker's place of self-exile, Ahch-To, was filmed on a real island off the coast of Ireland. That island is called Skellig Michael.

But you probably didn't know that my 2002 novel, SPIRIT OF THE MIST, was partly set on Skellig Michael and written long before the Jedi ever got there.

To see the Skellig Michael of some 2000 years ago, before the Christian monks arrived and built the stone steps and huts you see in the films, take a look at SPIRIT OF THE MIST.

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