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Strange Luck

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by Amie Irene Winters  US United States

September 5, 2015   |    1,508 reads    |   0 comments

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Strange Luck (book) by Amie Irene WintersDaisy Darling. Beautiful, stubborn, fiercely creative, she lives in a mundane world of tradition and dusty objects. That all changes when the seventeen-year-old opens a mysterious letter with a map to an incredible place far from her world. But Daisy finds out that the inhabitants of this world refer to themselves as prisoners, and her adventure quickly escalates into a dangerous journey where memories are stolen--the more cherished the memories, the higher the risk of losing them. Daisy possesses the unique ability to destroy the world and set its prisoners free, but first she must find the courage to battle the dark forces at play before her identity is erased and she's trapped forever.

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