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Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom

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January 8, 2021  |  692 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Strictly Business: Tormenting Tom - Book coverStrictly Business is my first published work involving BDSM and Femdom and follows the main character through her relationship with her most/least favorite client.

Tom doesn’t know it, but he’s helped awaken his dominatrix’s natural desire to make him suffer. Sure, she torments him because he pays her to do it, but she finds that her dislike for him has grown so much that the money has become little more than an added bonus. But after two years of forcing him to submit to her, Tom has deluded himself into thinking that their relationship is something more than strictly business and disobeys in a way that demands a new level of punishment. A new level that his Domme is only too happy to provide. Gone are the days of simple, straightforward pain to gain submission; Tom is in for a new twist that he may soon regret.

This book contains mature themes relating to BDSM and female domination and is intended for mature readers.


Author's Notes

This was my first foray into writing about the world of BDSM and femdom, but it felt very natural for me. My husband and I started our own exploration of this kink at about the time I started writing. Plus, I think that 2020 left most of us with a little bit of frustration to work out. Writing this book was one of my ways to express myself.

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