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Studio Relations

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by Georgie Lee  US United States

August 24, 2015   |    1,530 reads    |   0 comments

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Studio Relations (book) by Georgie LeeIn 1935, Vivien Howard is the only female director at Lion Studios. She has a string of hits and a passion for her latest project, the Civil War love story Storm of the South.

Weston Holmes is the handsome partner of Holmes International, the parent company of Lion Studios. Averse to risk and focused on the bottom line, he’s worried that audiences won’t accept an epic war picture directed by a young woman.

With Hollywood in the midst of the Great Depression, and the Women’s Decency League railing against working women, Vivien struggles to convince Weston that she is the best director to make this movie. When a publicity mishap results in their staged marriage, Vivien and Weston must learn to overcome their differences to finish the film and find their Hollywood ending.

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