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by Sierra Storm  US United States

October 23, 2015   |    863 reads    |   0 comments

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Taken (book) by Sierra StormThis is the first book of The Exigency, a new young adult Kindle serial updated weekly!

One night, Violet Miller is shocked to hear that her best friend Tristan was attacked by a Wendigo. He survived, but not before the saliva entered his bloodstream--meaning that he has already been turned. In her efforts to protect him and keep him from turning into a monster, Violet visits the Exigency, befriends a werewolf and endangers her own life. But it might already be too late. Read the first part of this adventure for free on your computer or on any device you choose!

About The Author

Sierra Storm is a full-time writer based in New England. She especially loves writing fantasy and science fiction, and in her spare time she loves hanging out with her husband and two cats, reading, or playing violin. The Exigency is her first serial and has been fun to write!

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